Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The sunrises on the upcoming new year
above The Woodland Garden,
like bright Spring flowers
announcing an exciting year ahead.
Be thankful for the small joys,
sing their praises each day.
For they are the stepping stones
into a happy world
of what is to come.
Photo - Verse  (c) by Mary Nida Smith                       


irishoma said...

Hi Mary Nida,
Your photos are lovely. Thanks for sharing them.
I wish you a peaceful and prosperous new year.
Donna V.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thanks Donna. I enjoy taking photos. I wish you a healthy, joy filled year.

Missy said...

Another beautiful photo! Wishing the you a Happy New Year with many small joys.

Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

Very beautiful, Mary! Happy New Year!

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thank you Missy and Kerri. A special new year to both of you. I have taken a lot of sunrise photos. There hasn't been too many sunsets. I am thankful for the sunrises that start my days
with excitement.

mary-catherine said...

What a lovely photo, and sentiments! It is a pleasure to make your aquaintance. Wishing you a year of joyful sunrises, and restful, gratifying sunsets.
Happy New Year!
All the Best,

Life's Beautiful Path said...

Thank you Mary Catherine for being one of my followers and your comments. Do have a happy fruitful year filled with joy and peace.