Sunday, May 31, 2009

Illustrators Workshop, Library, OWL Books in Museum and Living a busy life:

The illustrators’ workshop was rewarding. I am hoping to hear from other illustrators who are interesting in writing and illustrating for publication. If you are interested, email me at Updates on the workshop click on To learn more about children’s authors and illustrators click on; http://childrensbooks, and .

To keep up dated with the publishing world and the dishonest publishers & agents go to - Writer Beware (Round the clock coverage of BookExpo America 2009;; and

I was saddened by the death of Noogie, the Llama (1993-2008) and now the beloved Lurch is very ill. Lurch, is a Watusi steer. What makes Lurch special, is not because he is a Guinness Record Holder – it is because he is kind and lovable. I wrote an article about Lurch and the herd. It was published in The Ozarks Mountaineer magazine. Everyone who knows Lurch is ill is chipping in with donations to help with his treatment expenses.

This month has been very busy and I believe it will continue for the next six months.
May 16th I attended the Ozarks Writers League is where you see old friends and meet new ones. Great group! Soon OWL members will have their books with the history of the league in the Ralph Foster Museum, College of the Ozarks.

May 27th was the last meeting of the Friends of the Library for the next three months (Gosh, I’ll miss it and the special people who help support the library.). Please, don’t ever forget your library - big city or small town it is so important. Go beyond the Internet, check out your local library to do research and reading. The book sale May 21-22, 23 was a success. If you have any extra books – donate them to your library and please attend the interesting programs they provide throughout the year.

A Sharing Garden: Last week when I entered the Woodland Garden I was met by the Poison Ivy family. They welcomed me with a bouquet of their family’s fast growing crop. Long after I left the garden, their freely given gift is staying close to my heart. When I triumph over the emotions I have been feeling; I’ll re-enter the garden with my gift for the Poison Ivy family. Hopefully, this gift will change their life.

I felt a little safer on the deck when I planted flowers and seeds in pots. In a couple days the seeds were growing. With a little unwanted help from my chipmunk friends, holes have dug in several pots. I guess they wanted me to plant some sunflower seeds. The wildlife that has made homes and do visit the Woodland Garden continues to amaze and inform me. I have my own Red-headed woodpecker family. I fought for them and continue to watch them at the campgrounds belonging to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Hard Fault has some new music; check it out and listen at I love this artist. He is the creator of every note and also the beautiful covers.

If an editor or writer acts unprofessional do not bend. Remember to always act as a professional and you will be rewarded.

I’ll be updating my blog, Submarine Stories and Military Writers soon at and my website at


Tricia Grissom said...

Thanks for following Coffee and Critique!

I loved the book sale too; I bought way too much.

Life's Beautiful Path said...

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