Thursday, February 14, 2008

Storytelling is fun and a rejection letter can be helpful. I love to listen to a storyteller it reminds me of a one person play. Valerie Goetz, a Native American started with a question which pulled us into the story, then she continues to built the plot, making us listen close to hear and see what is going to happen next. She brings it to a close with the main character solving its problem. It is like someone reading their picture book. I read somewhere it takes twenty minutes to read 1,000 words. While she was telling stories we were making a "Dreamcatcher" A bag of material was given to each person attending her program at the Baxter County Library. We had two flute players presenting Native music. It was a fun two hours.

Don't forget to read Darcy Pattison's blog "Revision Notes", she is reporting from the 08 winter SCBWI Conference in New York City.

Today, I received a rejection on a children's picture book manuscript(325 words) that had been out since May 9th, 2007. It was with editor Liz Waniewski at Dial Books For Young Readers, whom I had met at the Arkansas SCBWI conference last Spring. I love this type of rejection letters. It soften the pain of rejection. It is one that is thoughtful and helpful. I will continue to send it once again. But, in the meanwhile I will take her suggestions to heart and rewrite it. I will read both the rejection and manuscript at our next children's writers meeting. I know they will give me some helpful suggestions. Write on and stay warm.

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